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Hi website-chums! It’s been fairly quiet over here at Cayenne Pepper Design towers lately (probably because of the CVID) – I’ve found I have more time on my hands lately, and I came up with the best idea ever.

I have written the world’s first SOAP-BLOG (or BLOG-SOAP? – comment below on which you think sounds better).

It’s based around a lone-wolf, maverick freelance web designer, who looks like Paul Newman and moves from Manchester to Bournemouth and solves mysteries. Think Eastenders meets Banacek.

I showed the script to my friend Tom and he says it’s so good the BBC would more than likely be interested, so we are going to try and get a meeting with Anthony William Hall (Director general of the BBC) for sometime in the following weeks, and take the script along with us. 

I don’t know if I would get any say in casting  once commission is approved, but I think Michael Madsen and Pamela Anderson would be great in a British daytime soap. Just click below to have a read of the first episode. More coming soon!

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