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Cayenne Pepper Web Design’s Guide To Losing Money

This next post has nothing at all to do with web design, but I thought I’d share it with you because you might want to try it yourself.

Here’s the scam.

Let’s say you’ve got £200 cash in your back pocket. The first step is to pop into a post office and buy a postal order.. hand the clerk your £200 and he or she will hand you back a postal order worth £184.32.

What you do now is leave the queue, walk over to the nearest pen and make the postal order out to yourself. Then rejoin the queue.

When you get to the front, change your postal order for the cash (ie £187.32). Immediately hand this cash back to the clerk and get a new postal order. It’ll be for the sum of £171.83. Go and make it out to yourself again, rejoin the queue and repeat the previous steps repeatedly.

Eventually you’ll be handing the clerk a one pence piece, and he or she will explain that this sum of money is insufficient to purchase a postal order. So you’ve gone from £200 to one pence in about 30 steps. Not bad, eh? Keep it under yer hat.

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