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So now we are coming up to 7 weeks (is it? I don’t know) – of lockdown, and I am still stuck in the UK, with no way back home to my girlfriend in Italy.

Other people have got it worse of course, in fact – I’ve heard some people are starting to lose their minds. At least that will never happen to me – my two rabbits, Billy and Bobby have assured me of that.

I was sat in my lounge, and Barbie Doll was putting on a show for me and my two rabbit friends, when the subject of money came up.

Billy Rabbit (He’s the cool one with the shades) had a marvelous idea…

“Why not put up a competition on your website? Really bring in some money.” He said, before throwing another 5 pound note at the feet of pole dancing Barbie.

“I don’t know Billy Rabbit…” I replied, “For a competition you need prizes. I don’t have anything to give away!”

“I thought about that…” Billy Rabbit continued, “But I’ve worked it all out, see. What you do is ask all your visitors to your website to donate a certain amount of money via PayPal. They can donate whatever they like. Then the person who donates the most money…. wins half of all the money you receive!”

I pondered it for a while, and soon came to the conclusion that it was a fantastic idea that couldn’t possibly fail!



The rules are simple – all you need is a PayPal account! Using your PayPal – send me (jon@cayennepepperdesign.com) over a certain amount of money. The amount can be anything you like – from £1 to 1 billion – but the higher it is the more likely you stand a chance of winning.

The whole family can play if you like, but be sure to keep your donation amount a secret!!

The draw will take place the first Saturday after lockdown, and the winner will be the player who has sent me the most money. The prize is 40% of all the money I receive.

You can enter the competition as many times as you like.


The mental toll of quarantine and lockdown might not be having any adverse effects on myself, but alas the same can not be said for poor Bobby Rabbit. ;( Look after your mental health guys! 

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