What’s So Good About WordPress?

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A WordPress Website is versatile, it looks good, and it’s easy to use and to update. It is social and seo friendly, safe and reliable. Here I will list just some of the advantages of having your website developed with WordPress. In my opinion, in 2018 there really is no competition.

WordPress is the most famous and popular CMS, an acronym that means Content Management System. It is the most used blogging platform in the world but it is not just for a blog: a WordPress site is suitable for all needs because its features make it the ideal platform for any type of project.

The reasons for its success are many but here are the main advantages of having a WordPress site:


It’s versatile

Whatever your business, WordPress is able to adapt to your needs and provide all the features you need. Whether you need a small personal blog or a corporate site, an ecommerce, a community or a multilingual site, this versatile CMS is always the ideal solution thanks to the thousands of extensions and plugins.


It’s beautiful

The creation of websites with WordPress allows maximum graphic customization, both through the many Premium themes purchased online, and through the creation of an original graphic layout, unique and bespoke. Your site will be exactly as you imagined it and it will always be responsive, perfectly viewable on desktop, tablet and smartphone.


It’s easy to use

Even if you are not very familiar with the internet, a WordPress site is always easy to use.

Its admin panel is clear and intuitive and you will immediately be able to update your WordPress site by yourself be it  modifying existing content or inserting new content: texts, photos, videos, products … whatever you want. Can you use Microsoft Word? Then you can use WordPress.


It’s social and SEO friendly

Thanks to its structure with pages, posts and comments WordPress is a content management system optimized for search engines. In addition, a WordPress site is easy to integrate with Social profiles using one of the many free or paid plugins specially developed. Sharing your posts is easy and immediate on all platforms, from Facebook to Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest … wherever you want to appear.


It’s reliable and safe

WordPress has a huge community of constantly updated developers who are concerned with improving performance and security, always creating new features and new plugins to meet all needs and keep up with the times.


For all these reasons, according to the latest statistics, about 25% of all websites in the world are made with WordPress! So what are you waiting for?


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