Which Hosting is best for WordPress? A SiteGround Review.

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Having tried a multitude of different hosting services over many years, SiteGround is the one that I prefer most of all, and the host I always turn to.

I have been using it for over 4 years and have tried all the hosting plans offered. We grew up together practically!

SiteGround offers optimized hosting plans for WordPress (and more), enhanced servers that allow excellent performance, security at the highest levels, all covered by a support service that is always there for you, and is very quick to respond.

Also, if you need to transfer an existing website, it will walk you through it clearly, and even do if for you for free if you have signed up for one of the GrowBig or GoGeek plans.


What makes SiteGround a great hosting provider for WordPress

SiteGround has all the advantages of a managed hosting service (ie, co-managed by the provider), with the flexibility and convenience of a shared plan.

If you have a WordPress website, and want your site to gain the top grades with GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed, you need to use a  provider that offers specific hosting plans for this CMS platform.

SiteGround offers optimized plans for WordPress, with an excellent support service, at an extremely competitive price, starting from just 3.95 € month!

The enhanced SiteGround servers ensure high performance for your website, so that it does not slow down, and that it can be better indexed by search engines.

If you want to grow on Google, choosing a performing hosting is the first step to take, and (in my experience view) SiteGround is the best solution.

And apparently WordPress feels the same as I do about SiteGround, since it is one of the very few recommended hosts on the official WordPress homepage: Don’t overlook the significance of this!

Obviously, this reasoning is also applicable for sites that DO NOT use WordPress: the latest generation servers guarantee every type of website performs better on all fronts.


99.9% uptime

In the past, I used both 123-reg, TSOhost and GoDaddy. After Reaching a certain volume of traffic, the interruptions in the service became more and more frequent.

With SiteGround, I can say that the promise of 99.9% uptime has been (so far) maintained.


Content Delivery Network

With the base plan, you can take advantage of a free CDN network, and from the GrowBig plan you can take full advantage of the SuperCacher, an excellent resource to improve page speed times by up to 4%


Great Support

One of the things I appreciated most about SiteGround is the quality of the support service.

If you’ve ever had to get assistance from your hosting plan, you may have noticed that technicians are sometimes reluctant to provide support on aspects that closely affect WordPress, your site or plugins installed. Rather, they just check the server’s operation and ensure that everything is working properly for them. Most of them seem to blame everything on the web designer and offer no help whatsoever.

SiteGround instead has a specialized support team on WordPress that is able to help you even when the problems of your site do not depend solely on the performance of the server itself.

I had the opportunity to test this aspect myself: the technicians even entered directly into my site and solved the problems.


Automatic updates, but without losing control of your site.

When a new version of WordPress or one of the plugins you have installed is released, SiteGround will automatically update for you. However, you will receive a notification 24 hours in advance. If you prefer, you can update manually. If you need more time (for example, to make backup copies) you can disable the automatic update.

Sometimes, managed WordPress plans do not allow the installation of some plugins, as they could present security flaws. SiteGround works differently (and this is another feather in SiteGround’s cap): regularly monitors the security status of the most used WordPress plugins. If a problem is identified, the technical team implements extra server-level protections to keep your website secure.

When you use a shared hosting plan, your blog shares the server with other websites. Sometimes this is a security problem. In fact, if one of the sites is at risk, it could effect all the accounts that are on the same server.

To avoid this problem, SiteGround isolates the accounts of its customers, even if they have subscribed to a shared hosting plan. In this way, the degree of security on your website is at maximum.

Knowing this makes me sleep easier!


All round excellent performance.

The performance of SiteGround is amazing! Using this hosting provider you can make your website faster: Follow these steps to make the most of Siteground:

Ask them to host your account at the data center closest to your users (SiteGround has data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia).

Activate the SuperCacher caching system. SuperCacher is a dynamic caching service created exclusively for SiteGround customers. Through the installation of the SG CachePress plugin, it allows an increase in the number of simultaneous visits that your site can support and helps to load pages faster.


30 day money back Guarantee

If you still have doubts about Sitegound, maybe this will convince you to give it a try. Each plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it immediately, without having to explain.


Easy Transfer from other hosts.

Very often, I recommend SiteGround to clients who are having problems with their current host (whether your website uses WordPress or not, is immaterial)

The process of transfer is the easiest I have come across. SiteGround’s technicians will take care of transferring the site for you, FREE, in just a few hours.

This is not to be sniffed at! Changing hosting service is an important step and it is essential that it can be done without losing data and in the shortest time possible.

Relying on technicians who have a lot of experience in this type of transfer will guarantee a simple and stress-free migration.


In conclusion…

Having tested the competition and having been a happy customer of Siteground for the past few years, I have yet to find another hosting provider who can match Siteground for support, page speed, up-time, and ease of use. If you don’t use WordPress, SiteGround is one of the best hosts you can get. If you do use WordPress, SiteGround becomes essential.


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