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This has nothing to do with web design, but if you fancy a giggle for £1.99 then pop over to amazon using the button below and help to make me rich!

Maverick ping-pong champ, Tom Fallows, is sent to the Isle of Wight for the annual all-counties table tennis tournament. He soon discovers that the residents of the island are actually Lizard-People, who not only want to destroy Tom’s mind – but also his hopes of winning the tournament!

Is Tom’s only hope of defeating the scaly scoundrels – to beat the evil Lizard King in the tournament final?

– From the terrible tale “Zero – Love – Lizard!“

Welcome to the most horrifying reading experience you will ever endure. Prepare to plumb the depths of hell! You will read tales of Mad Scientists, mummified monsters, crumbling old mansions with strange comings and goings, evil lizard people from the Isle of Wight and most horrifying of all – a story set in Southport.

• Your nails shall dig into your palms…

• Your eyes will bulge…

• You’ll stop reading and go and watch telly…

• You will wish you had never bought this book.

Welcome to Tales to Make your Teeth Twitch



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