Does My Website Need To Be Mobile Friendly?

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From May 2016, a site’s ability to adapt to different devices will be considered a ranking factor and responsive and mobile-friendly websites will be favored in search results.

Since last year Google has started to promote responsive and mobile-friendly websites to the detriment of those that were not yet adequate. Starting in May, a further small revolution will be implemented in the search results algorithm, to encourage users who connect from mobile and ensure that quality content can always be correctly displayed regardless of the device used.

Google’s end goal is to make the web more mobile-friendly

According to the statistics that Google provided a few months ago, mobile searches have now surpassed those from the desktop. The data is obviously destined to grow if we consider that the spread of smartphones is constantly increasing and that internet connections are becoming faster and faster.

Google, which always professes to be on the side of users, has announced that it will continue in its goal of encouraging responsive and mobile-friendly websites to the detriment of all others, which will be penalized and will risk disappearing from search results.

A site that is not optimized will always look awful on a smartphones small screen, with unsupported layouts and  microscopic texts. Google has no interest in getting sites like this at the top of search engines!

When conducting a search on Google from a mobile phone, next to each result appears the term “Mobile-friendly” with which the search engine tells us that the site is optimized for mobile devices.

Having a site that does not fit the small screens of smartphones or tablets, means not being up to date, being penalized in search results and, consequently, losing traffic and potential customers.

If you have a responsive website, you do not have to worry about anything but if you’re not sure if you have a mobile-friendly site, check Google for a quick test!


If you’re not up to date, you’re still on time to fix it and make your site mobile-friendly.

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