Do I Need a Website in the Social Media Era?

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People often wonder if it makes sense to have a website in an era where Facebook and a thousand other social networks dominate. The answer is a resounding YES – and i’m not just saying that because I’m a web developer.

The first reason is the most obvious: a website has now assumed the same importance as a business card. It serves to let you know in person, to show that the company really exists, to appear trustworthy and establish a relationship of trust with the user. The way in which we present ourselves through our website is the equivalent of the first impression when we meet someone face to face. And a good impression is essential because if a site doesn’t convince, it won’t get a second chance.

Precisely for this reason today it is no longer enough to entrust one’s online presence to a simple showcase site, with the usual four company pages. Internet users are now used to interacting, accessing the information they are looking for in real time, and they want quick answers.  Social networks are now invaluable. But even they alone are not enough!


You are not master of your visibility

On social networks you have no control over your visibility. Let me be clear – Facebook does not look after small business’. 90% of your audience won’t even see your posts. And what if Facebook closes tomorrow?

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram could change their terms and conditions of use tomorrow and you could find yourself with fewer visits or less like. It’s already happened:  In the early days Facebook posts were well spread and were viewed by a large audience without the need to make paid campaigns. Now if a post is not sponsored no one sees it anymore!

On Facebook and many other social networks, to get visibility you have to pay while with a website you can get good results with the SEO on page. It may take a few months, but once your search position is established – as long as you abide by Google’s rules, you can always count on being found.


Your audience is limited

Despite the great popularity of social networks, the public on these platforms is limited because only members can follow company pages and read posts. And facebook users are already on the decline. eMarketer found Facebook lost about 2.8 million U.S. users under 25 last year. And Facebook’s 2018 doesn’t look much better.

A website on the contrary is always visible to everyone, all over the world!


No graphic customization

The graphic and branding aspect should not be underestimated. On social networks the graphic layout is the same for everyone and the customizations to adapt your page to the company image are very limited.

Your company page will be almost identical to that of your competitors!

With the creation of websites in WordPress, on the other hand, the graphics are completely customizable in accordance with your corporate image making you immediately distinguishable and reinforcing your image and your presence on the net.


No archive of your online activity

If you confine yourself to using only social media, any posts you make will have no historical archive, and will not be discoverable in future. A website, on the other hand, gives you full control over the information that is circulated on the web and, thanks to good positioning, it will bring traffic and users to your business. If you sell products or services for example, then it is unthinkable to rely exclusively on social networks and you will almost certainly need an ecommerce site, to create your virtual store and create a direct sales channel between you and your audience.


Website and social networks in perfect synergy

A website and social media both have their place.

An internet site today must involve the user with interactivity in real time to make it loyal to the brand.

You must focus on a responsive and mobile-friendly website, on simplicity, usability, loading speed and exploit the synergy with social networks and other online media. Facebook or Twitter to communicate in real time, YouTube to show informative videos, commercials or to present new products, Instagram or Pinterest to engage users with exciting images.

A website is like a tree from which many branches grow: you need to take care of all the useful channels to continue developing your business and your online presence.


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