Why you shouldn’t be using GoDaddy

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Due to aggressive (and some would say sexist) marketing campaigns, some people automatically graduate towards GoDaddy. The average-Joe internet novice looks upon it and says to himself.. It’s big… It seems good value, and everyone seems to be using it.. I might as well pick them!


After being met with the same old problems time and time again with clients who come to me with GoDaddy hosting, I have decided to scribble down this list as to why you really should avoid using GoDaddy, or move way from it ASAP!

• GoDaddy Has Terrible Support…

Their online chat only seems to be open for 5 minutes a day, and if you are lucky to speak to someone online, 100% of the time they will recommend that you ring their customer service centre… in Arizona. sorry for the delay… sorry for the delay.. sorry for the aaaaerrrrrrfgfgghhhhhh. “We can’t wait to exceed your expectations” They say whilst putting you on hold for an hour

• The control panel is a labyrinth!

I’ve used my fair share of hosts, and even though I won’t say GoDaddy have the worst customer interface I’ve seen – it’s still very confusing. Simple tasks can take an eternity, as you waste time trying to even get to the right page.

• GoDaddy Hosting is Slow

Just try hosting a modern site with GoDaddy and see where that gets you. The GTMetrix figures and Google Page Speed figures are abysmal.


Just a quick scan of the GoDaddy forums and some of GoDaddy’s responses serve a reminder that, no matter what the problem.. GoDaddy are not to blame. It’s your website, it’s a plugin your using, it’s because you’re a Libra etc etc etc

• GoDaddy and WordPress don’t mix!

I get this problem time and time and time again. I move a WordPress site onto a clients GoDaddy domain, and 90% of the time, the site will begin to take an eternity to load up, and that’s when it doesn’t come back at me with a 404 error. “It’s the WordPress theme you are using” they tell me. Mmmmmmmmm……
Just look at the number of unhappy customers!
Don’t just take my word for it! Take a look at the Complaints Board!

•  The Great Elephant Killing Debacle of 2011

The CEO kills elephants! (Read this) – What a Bastard!

• Trying to unlock your domain for transfer

“There was an error processing your request. Please try again.”
Even trying to move away from GoDaddy is a headache. The instructions make is seem simple enough.. Simply enable your site to be transferred. Let me tell you, nothing is every simple with GoDaddy.

•  “Keep me signed in” means nothing to these people!

Yes, This is probably just down to laziness on my part. I use complicated passwords, and it refused to remember them, so every ten minutes I have to look up the password and log in again.

So there we have it! Moan over. If I have made just one poor soul stop and consider that maybe GoDaddy hosting isn’t the best option out there… I have done well.

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