How a website can make you money: 5 Money Making Ideas

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As Homer Simpson put it, these aren’t get-rich-schemes…but with these 5 schemes, you can get rich! And Quick!

These ideas (and links) and all out of date now. Stay tuned for an update/rehash of this article!

Are you tired of the 9-5 grind? Bored of looking out a 10th storey window at the rain washed streets, construction works, dark skies and smog. Dogs being sick in the gutter?

Fed up with the boss breathing down your neck, screaming at you about upcoming deadlines, telling you to fasten the top button of your shirt, and asking you when was the last time you had a shave?

All of this for a tiny brown pay packet, filled with the leftover crumbs from the big-wig’s table?

Well do what I did! Get out of there! You are in control of your life, not the system! Go wherever you’ve always wanted to go – or stick a pin in a map, take your laptop and be your own boss. With the right planning and a good measure of dedication* there are ways to make money from the comfort of a shaded cocktail bar on a sun drenched beach, whilst sipping martinis!
*(An incredible amount of dedication)

Be advised, that you will only get our of your website what you put into it. The marketing is up to you! Be prepared to work, work work! But luckily, in these days of the social media generation – it has never been easier to get your brand noticed.


Have something to say? Or even if you don’t, write some babble! Important thing is, will people want to read it? if they do.. create a blog. How do you make cash from this, I hear you ask? Advertising! Some websites (Google Adsense for example) will pay to advertise on your website. Granted, you will have to get a hell of a lot of clicks to make enough to live in Barbados, but if you write well and are popular, you might just make enough to cover the suntan lotion. And if you have a sturdy online profile, your are in an excellent position to move to the next part of your masterplan!


No more crippling ebay fees! Have a look whats trending on ebay. Search sites like, and compare prices with similar products in the UK. Once you have your product (or products), set up your own website then promote promote promote! Flyers in every shop window.. gumtree adverts.. start with just a few products to test the water – see what sells – then slowly grow your empire! Take a look at this example I made when I first started dabbling in e-commerce…

3. ART

So you don’t have a product to sell, and no capital to buy products with.. what should you do? Make money from other peoples efforts! Think of how many struggling artists/sculptors/inventors out there looking for a platform to sell their goods. Sell their products for them.. and take a cut of the profits! The good thing about art is that it’s only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Add as much commission as you like – as long as the artist is getting paid they’re happy!


Where is the big dough I hear you ask? First, there’s art… next… property! There are hundreds of villa and property owners out there who don’t have the first clue how to go about renting their property. This is where you come in! Create a website like Everyone likes a holiday! Simply take your cut from the commission you charge the clients. When you are dealing with a 3 grand a night villa for 2 nights, the commission alone can set you up for the summer!


Have you written a novel? Fancy yourself as the next Dan Brown? Self publish and promote it on your very own website! Or, consider this… Interactive fiction is booming these days! Create your own game using Quest or Twine. (Other Interative fiction software available)- Host the game in your own website, and either sell it or use a donation system with paypal. (Your players or readers donate what they think it’s worth). Here’s a good example. Great game too!

So there you have it, just 5 simple ideas from the top of my head, that have potential to make you £££.
So quick… go to and together we can get started on your next website! Who knows, instead of hanging round the staff water cooler, this time next year you could be sipping pina coladas on your lunch break!

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